Fashion CADD

Fashion Design in India is a flourishing industry. With more and more people turning their heads towards the latest, trending outfits, to people spending more to personalise their look. This, in turn, has resulted in the demand for fashion designers. With the increasing demand, job opportunities for budding fashion designers have also seen a steep growth. Now would be the right time to train yourself in various attributes of the field and kick start your career in Fashion Designing.This flexible, part-time course aims to hone your skills and knowledge to a level that complements the skills of professional designers of catwalk and high-street fashion.This curriculum covers all that you will need to know in the fashion industry right from its history to illustrate it using the latest software like Reach Fashion Studio and Adobe Photoshop. They also get to experience various details like color, silhouette, proportion, fabric, print, pattern, texture, sampling flat pattern cutting and toile modeling.The challenging projects and assignments let their creative minds play around with the various aspects of fashion, giving them a new perspective of their own.